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American Heart Association, ASHI, RC CPR, BLS, First Aid Classes and Certification on Demand in Honolulu.
 Consumer Beware!:  Not all training services are the same!

Announcement:  Classes are in Session!
Here is the Schedule.
Fast CPR is local 501(c)3 organization making a difference here in Hawaii through it's programs.  We will be working our Okole off in 2014 once again to offer thousands of classes to the Community.  Thank you for your support and thank you for sending us all your friends and co-workers!

Community Project:  Fast CPR Book Depot
Doing everything we can to make Hawaii CPR Training Industry better!
Proudly pushing lots of AHA Manuals like we are suppose to, in comparison to many many many folks in Hawaii who do not.  Since you can't get a manual from your instructor in many places, you can get it from us as at our cost.
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Real Cards, Real Training:
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 Healthcare Providers! 
We offer BLS classes!

Class Schedule

Thank you for your support
and referrals.

NOTICE: We offer the Real CPR, BLS, First Aid training you need and the American Heart Association, RC, ASHI cards that are required by jobs, schools and businesses in Hawaii.

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Many People are not familiar with CPR Training Industry.  Furthermore, most think one class or training service must be the same as the next. If you try your luck out there, you may get disconnected numbers, a class that keeps getting cancelled, an instructor that is plain rude and nasty to you, cards in the mail that may never arrive, and perhaps even a class next year sometime (If it doesn't rain on that day! or simply "surf's up" means "no class!").
By some luck, you end up getting a class on a day that works for you, you might sweat and slobber over the same CPR mannequin with bunch of people All Day, packed in a room like sardines, frustrated, waiting your turn so you can finally get to go home!....
All this is available to you at rock bottom prices out there! If you are lucky that is!  We know all the horror stories!

We Offer Full Service, Not Dis-Service at a Discount!


  • No Waiting  - Class when you need it. We offer thousands of classes each year!
  • CARD ISSUED AT COMPLETION OF CLASS upon passing the requirements.
  • Fast & Effective - One on one and small group instruction.
  • By Your Schedule & Timely - Individual class set up for you according to your schedule, even at 24 to 48 Hour Notice! 
  • Easy & Efficient - Our instructors work with you, class is conducted at your pace.
  • Convenient - Downtown Honolulu Training Facility with validated parking.
  •  Required Cards by Your Job - Accepted AHA, Red Cross Cards!
  • Real Deal Classroom, Instructor led, hands on training!
    NOT the "Meets the guidelines, print your own card from the internet variety".
  • Qualified- Nationally Certified Instructors with highest levels of teaching experience.
  • Highest Quality Customer Service!!!

Final Note: We are academically trained teachers with decades of experience in a classroom!  

Good training should not be considered the same old torture you have to go through every two years! 
Learning CPR is FUN!
Besides being able to use a TV remote, we also know how to teach! 




Step 1:  Book it!

Step 2:  Do it!

Step 3: Get it!

  • First you must know type of Certification Card your employer requires. Types of classes we offer and times available Here.
  • After looking at our online schedule, once you know when you want to take a class, to register Call 548-7711 or just book it online.  
  • If you are not sure which class you need, ask your employer.  For Questions, read our FAQ
  • Get to our office, Here is a Map and Directions.
  • Please don't be late. Your CPR Mannequin stops breathing as soon as your class starts, he needs your help!
  • Attend your class, learn, review, and pass the proficiency.
  • Get your card and show it to your boss!

    (Different card with each course.  Need more than one type of card?  You can also book courses back to back!)




About Us: is a Hawaii CPR Training Industry Improvement Project run by FAST CPR, a Hawaii 501(c)3 nonprofit organization promoting elimination of fatalities from heart disease,through effective, efficient, Fast, CPR.  Help support our programs, visit our corporate  website here.

AHA Disclaimer:  Use of American Heart Association materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the American Heart Association.  Any fees charged for such a course, except for a portion of fees needed for AHA course materials, do not represent income to the Association.

FAST CPR Disclaimer:  FAST CPR includes AHA course materials in it's courses.  We also sell AHA course materials at their original purchase price with minimal mark-up to cover shipping costs to Hawii so we can get these things in the hands of the Hawaii Community without all the local price gouging, hoop jumping, and waiting time associated with getting a manual in Hawaii. Sale of AHA course materials does not represent income to FAST CPR. 
Here is some information on Fast CPR Book Depot Project.

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