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Take A Class From FAST CPR and Have Your Certification Card in Your Hand
as Soon as You Pass the Requirements for BLS Healthcare Provider Courses and First Aid CPR AED Courses!

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BLS Cards, First Aid CPR AED Cards issued right away, after you pass!  Not the expected "OK by the Book" 20 days in the mail "Pineapple Express" method offered by many! 
Real card!  Not from the Uncles Card Stash.  Real training! 
We are all about promoting education in Hawaii.  Take your class at a Real Education Center.  Not on a park bench or a kitchen table!
Our instructors have been offering CPR Classes in Hawaii for the past 16 years, with over 30 years of over all real teaching experience!
With us you get your card as soon as you pass!  
You get real training, at a real facility,  from a government recognized institution, from real teachers that have worked in the all levels of the US Educational System! 

Looking for Classes?  Who is looking out for you? 
FAST CPR, is a Federal Government Recognized local 501(c)3 organization that is actually designed to help those who seek classes in Hawaii
Our organization was formed with encouragement and support from thousands of our students
to help consumers with the inefficiencies, injustices, difficulties caused by politics and preferential practices of the training industry.
We are truly blessed to have found a way to make a difference. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the certificate vendors, to their book, eLearning and certification card distribution channels, to our teachers, to our call center personnel, to our administrative staff, to our education center support staff, to our management team, to our corporate sponsors, to all our Hawaii volunteers and to all our dedicated students.  Thank you!

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This is the authorized use of the AHA Logo.  You get their card at our facility.  
We love AHA, that is why we spend a substantial fortune month after month, year after year on AHA materials that are used in and issued through our classes.  We also teach darn good classes.
You can buy AHA Books and eLearning courses at our Book Depot and support AHA with your purchase.  We advertise these materials at our cost and make them available to the masses.
Book Depot is a volunteer effort, all proceeds from AHA educational materials go to AHA to buy more books and eLearning courses. 
Please support our book depot project, and buy lots of AHA books and eLearning courses.

*Why a Fast CPR Card Project?  Don't hold your breath by the mail box waiting for your certification card to arrive after taking a class.  This is Hawaii, the coconut falls from the tree slower here!  There has been reports of people waiting 3 months for their certification card to arrive before they can meet the requirements, start a new Job or get a paycheck after passing courses!  As experienced Healthcare Providers, we have been there, so have way too many people.  It is no fun!  Hence, this website and this community project run by FAST CPR for the people of Hawaii!    We tell it the way it is, look out for the best interest of those who are seeking classes and take action to get things done for people of Hawaii!  We are sick of politics, clicks and bull of CPR training industry, so we focus our energy on training the heck out of the community instead.
Thank you for your Support!
AHA eLearning courses Honolulu Hawaii Oahu
Effective, Efficient Programs Using Best Educational Delivery Methods.

This is a humble FAST CPR project website is for helping those who need to learn CPR, so they can get back to work with their certification card in their hand to help those who may need CPR.
Go to our corporate site to read about us and our other demand based, result driven community projects, websites and activities.

American Heart Association Healthcare Provider BLS Training Courses and First Aid CPR AED Training Courses
 Classes and Courses on demand in Honolulu.  Onsite classes all over the Island of Oahu.
Quality Training & Education, One Person at a time.  Thank you for your referrals!

Classes and Courses for individuals available daily.

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Fast CPR is local Hawaii based 501(c)3 organization.  Thank you for your support and thank you for sending us all your friends and co-workers!  This is just a project site, addressing just one of the issues of the Hawaii CPR training industry in order for us to be able to help as many people as possible to spread CPR education and awareness in our communities.  Support us and other 501(c)3 organizations that help us accomplish this.  We do a lot more and there is more to us.  Visit our corporate website.

 Healthcare Providers!  We offer BLS classes! Thousands of Hospital Employees from every facility on the Island received their BLS training courses from us.  Shouldn't you?  
Class Schedule & CPR Courses

Community Warning! 
Some folks out there are breaking all sorts of copyright laws by stealing and by flashing you logos of every hospital on the island on their website like they are some sort of official provider for the hospital.  They also flash you lots of actual heart and torch logos, which they are not suppose to.  No body Kea! as long as everything looks good, No Bother!  Seems everything is allowed as long as one has the right Local Uncle.  We end up retraining a lot of people who go to these folks, so they can get their real AHA BLS (American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers) cards to show to their boss in a timely manner!

Do you want referrals?  Here you go:  Next time you are in the lunch room, ask your coworkers where they got their BLS card, most will pull out a certification card with FAST CPR on the back of it!  For us it took thousands of hours of work, lots of sweat, insane amount of effort, ridiculous amount of time and resources spent pushing big rocks up mountains dealing with red tape and also some major bucks to be able to do that! Heck Yeah, We are proud of it!
We do make a change in Hawaii.  Thank you for your support.

Are you seeking a bargain?  All You Want is a Cheap CPR Class?
Cheap, Cheap is all that matters to you, and No Kea Nothing Else?  Be careful out there! 
It is not the question of how cheap your CPR class is, it is a question of if you will get a CPR Certification Card in your hand within this century or not!  

If you get nothing in return (oops, record got lost), that cheap class is not that cheap!  If you get a fake or off brand card at the end, you just spent a fortune because now you have to retake the real class that gets you the real card on top of what you already paid.  If you are holding your breath for days, weeks or months to get a certification card, you will soon need CPR yourself.  Many places out there get you the card in 20 days and still stay within regulations.  However, also in many cases Hawaiian Time 20 days never equals to Mainland Time 20 days! 
We Offer Full Service, Not Dis-Service at a Discount! Plus, the real certification card will be in your hand as soon as you are done!

We are a Government Recognized Organization that runs Real CPR Teaching Facilities, Real CPR Classes and Real CPR Courses.
Just because someone gives you a cheap deal out there and offers to meet you at a park, or offers to come to your house to train you, or offers to sell you a card under the table etc.;  That does not mean you should take them up on it!  Be careful!  After being in the industry for almost two decades, we know what goes on.  We can tell you that bargain you find out there is not that much of a bargain!

Get it Done Right!  Get the Card When You are Done!  Here is our class Schedule.

Final Note: We are academically trained teachers with decades of experience in a classroom!   Good training should not be considered the same old torture you have to go through every two years!  We realize most likely your employer is making you take these sort of classes!  But keep in mind learning CPR is FUN at FAST CPR!  We are real teachers with real teaching experience!  Besides being able to use a TV remote, we also know how to teach! 

Read Our Frequently Asked Questions About our Classes and Courses

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Community Project: 
Fast CPR Book Depot -
Doing everything we can to make Hawaii CPR Training Industry better!
Proudly pushing lots of American Heart Association Manuals like we are suppose to, in comparison to many many many folks in Hawaii who do not.  Since you can't get a manual from your instructor in many places, you can get it from us as at our cost. No price gouging!
Visit Our Book Depot.
Community Project: 
Fast CPR Online -
Putting the buck where it belongs to make a difference! 
We purchase thousands of dollars worth of eLearning courses directly from AHA to keep training local hospital personnel as efficiently as possible and get them their AHA Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers cards as soon as they pass the tests at our office. 
See BLS eLearning, and BLS Classroom Courses Here

About this site: is one of the marketing channels for Fast CPR Card Project a Hawaii CPR Training Industry Improvement Project run by FAST CPR, Hawaii 501(c)3 nonprofit organization improving health, safety and employment outlook of our community.  We run many local demand based, result driven projects in order to be able to bring High Quality CPR Education to every individual, every household and every business in Hawaii.  Support the other 501(c)3 organizations that help us accomplish this and support our programs, visit our corporate website.

AHA Disclaimer:  Use of American Heart Association materials in an educational course does not represent course sponsorship by the American Heart Association.  Any fees charged for such a course, except for a portion of fees needed for American Heart Association course materials, do not represent income to the Association.

FAST CPR Disclaimer:  FAST CPR includes American Heart Association course materials in it's courses and issues legitimate American Heart Association cards through official channels via training center.  We also sell American Heart Association course materials at their original purchase price with minimal mark-up to cover shipping costs to Hawaii so we can get these things in the hands of the Hawaii Community without all the local price gouging, hoop jumping, and waiting time associated with getting a manual in Hawaii. Sale of American Heart Association course materials does not represent income to FAST CPR.  Here is some information on Fast CPR Book Depot Project.

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PHF Red, white and Blue Cross Your Heart, Honest Great CPR classes courses in Honolulu, Hawaii Oahu. Teaching for Real

Humans Helping Humans
"Hearts Full of Knowledge, Love and Compassion.
Not Full of Gadgets, Not Full of Life Saving Products."

How much actual teaching time, real training time as an educator and how many classroom lecture hours did your CPR instructor log in?
Everybody buys a dummy!
We are carrying the standard for CPR education!

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Red, White, Blue, American Cross your Heart, honest CPR Classes, for everyone in Hawaii, Honolulu, Oahu!  Hawaii, Cross your Heart, be honest Classes.  Swiss Flag has a Red Cross, Red Cross is a common symbol.  Red Cross or Red + is on many objects. Go Red go. Red Cross Stich, my mom made in her class.